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CVC Update

Centre of Vision Care Excellence Opens in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Screen Shot 2018 02 11 at 11.39.54 AMDreaming is easy, but acting on those dreams is not.

Making a dream reality is like a journey that takes dedi-cation, time, courage, support, and often money. But rarely is something great easily achieved. We at Canadian Vision Care (CVC) work hard to turn our dreams of providing eye care and improved sight into reality.

On the morning of Friday, January 26, 2018, the dream took a closer step to reality. Years of planning, meetings, fund-raising, collecting of donated supplies and equipment, cleaning, packing,repairing, renovating by volunteers, shipping, and the partnering of CVC, the Lions, the Jamaican Ministry of Health (MOH),and the Brenda Strafford Foundation (BSF), culminated with the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Centre for Vision Care Excellence’s, primary and secondary care wings, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. While there is still undoubtedly much to do and further development and fi ne-tuning to take place, the doors of the Centre of Vision Care Excellence are officially open for those in need. The dedication of many have made the dream come true. One such dreamer is Dr. Gerry Leinweber whose vision led all involved through this process, and while he is to be commended for his dedication, he acknowledges that he could not have done it without the help of many. One such individual is the late Dr. Barry Strafford, who founded the Brenda Strafford Foundation in memory of his late wife. It was Dr. Strafford’s desire to bring hope to those less fortunate who felt hopeless. By partnering with the Strafford Foundation, and the Jamaican Ministry of Health, CVC had the support to build on the dream.

Let there be no mistake, it takes a team to make a dream come true. It took many individuals to build this dream, and another individual who is to be commended for his support is Tony Hart, the founder of the Hart Group of Companies. Tony is well recognized for the modernization of the Montego Bay industrial hub. It was Tony’s guidance that helped the project move ahead and often overcome stumbling blocks thanks to his knowledge of who could provide necessary help. It also took many volunteers on the Commissioning Team and hours of their hard work, collecting, repairing, cleaning, inventorying, disassembling, packing, loading, re-assembling, repairing, painting, technical advising, supplying ... the list is endless.

Clearly it took a village, but all with the common goal of making the dream come true - to provide the best eye health care possible to those who otherwise had no hope of such care.

January 2017

Dear Dr. Allan,

A blessed New Year!

The SPECS team would like to share with you two reports (an online and a pdf versions) on how SPECS became a conduit of God's healing to two schools and two centers/foundations at the last quarter of 2015.

On November 9-13 and November 16-20, The "Bright Eyes Bright Kids" team provided visual screening and refraction among the students of Makati SPED Center, General Pio Elementary School, Philippine School for the Deaf, and the Virlanie Foundation.

From these schools and centers, the team was able to screen 484 students, has provided 194 free eyeglasses, and have referred and assisted 4 students to pediatric ophthalmologist for further eye evaluation.

During the given period, we also helped less fortunate walk-in patients at the Eye Train.

The support and partnership given by your team, Canadian Vision Care (CVC) made the Project come true and successful.

The children were also taught values through the story "Ang Kwento ni Lolo Tren." If you were only were heal, you would be proud of how the Eye Train has touched Filipinos lives. The reading of the story by these gifted children would give you chills.

We humbly acknowledge that the Project would not become possible and successful without the support and encouragement from our you who believe in the Project and the need of providing eye care to children to be able to perform and learn better at school and cope better from day to day challenges.

All in all, there were 878 patients assessed from these schools and centers and at the Eye Train. We were also able to give for free 454 free eyeglasses.

Below are some pictures and numerical report of the two-week optical mission.

Again, thank you Dr Allan for your heart for the Filipinos.

The Lord bless your generosity, and we hope for your continued partnership to the Project.

2 Corinthians 9:8, "And the Lord is able to bless you abundantly so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work."


Dr Marilyn Joy Lim Eustaquio

Clinical Director

SPECS Foundation

Summary of Trip Conducted by Rick Nielsen September 2015 - March 2016

Hi Andrea and Family,

Please find below three photos taken of Laureen and your family's donation to the Academic Vision Center (AVC) at the Mzuzu Central Hospital in Malawi. The AVC has been built by Canadian Vision Care (CVC) on hospital grounds. The hospital is next to the Mzuzu University and the AVC is where all of the Malawi optometry students do their clinical rotations. They see patients 5 days a week under professor supervision during their 3rd-4th years. This is the only optometry school in Malawi. To this day, the school has only had 3 years of graduating optometrists; the profession is extremely young in this country. Previous to this school, organizations like CVC, would visit Malawi and provide as much eye care as possible while in the country before leaving. CVC not only built but also maintains the learning center to teach the Malawian's, allowing there to be sustainable eye care when our organization is not present.

All Laureen's equipment and books were donated to the AVC for the students to continue to provide eye care and to gain knowledge as they progress through their optometry schooling. They were very happy to receive this high end equipment. Also, not having the internet, text books are a premium.

Thank you for allowing CVC to be a part of your's and Laureen's donation. The equipment will be used for many years to come!

On behalf of CVC we are wishing your family a happy holiday season.


John Barkley

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