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Do You Wear Contact Lenses?

If you do, and you haven’t purchased from us before, then this might surprise you…

When you purchase a year’s worth of your contact lenses from us, we reward you. It’s kind of like joining a VIP club! Not bad for something you would be buying anyways.

  1. You get an automatic 10% discount.
  2. You receive a gift certificate of $75-$100 to use in store towards your next purchase of glasses or $50 to use in store towards non-prescriptions sunglasses. If you can’t use it, NO PROBLEM, anyone can use it.
  3. You will be given a mail-in rebate from the supplier worth $25-$100.
  4. Any unopened boxes can be exchanged within two years of the original purchase date, if your prescription has changed.

Did you realize when buying your contacts from us, you no longer need to worry about your prescription changing within the year? You get free contact lens evaluations with your optometrist for 6 months after your annual exam, and if you need trial lenses to “tweak” the prescription, they are always free. This also works for damaged contact lenses.

If you have purchased your contact lenses through us and do have a change in your prescription, we will exchange all unopened boxes to match that of your new prescription. It is our way of saying Thank You.

Did you know that you can bundle contact lens solution during the time of your purchase? When doing this, you will not be charged GST and you can claim it on your insurance benefits.

How about if you run out of your prescription and it is not time yet for your annual eye exam? No problem, you can refill your prescription over the phone and if you need, we can ship them to you directly!

Over-Wearing Your Contact Lenses

It is possible to over-wear your contact lenses. Over-wear is defined as wearing your contact lenses for too many hours a day or too many weeks before discarding. This can cause some pretty nasty side-effects, explained below.

  1. When you over-wear contact lenses, you are reducing the amount of oxygen that goes through your cornea enormously. This lack of oxygen can cause the cornea to become less sensitive to pain or discomfort, which can prevent you from even feeling any symptoms of the damage that is being caused to your eyes.
  2. As a side effect to the lack of oxygen to the cornea, growth of abnormal blood vessels into the cornea may start, affecting its transparency. These blood vessels can become permanent.
  3. Over-wearing your contacts can cause a growth of cell layers on your cornea, which may swell and finally become loosened with time and leave empty space on the surface of the cornea. These empty spaces are a great opportunity for bacterial growth and if too many of these slough off, abrasions of even worse, corneal ulcers, can occur.
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